Kiosk Network Management

Kiosk Operating System
Our LocalNet kiosk operating system is a true hybrid system, in that it is equally capable of operating both touch-screen information kiosks and keyboard operated internet kiosks.

For Information kiosks, that is to say, kiosks with a touch-screen but no keyboard, the hybrid features provide access to the internet in addition to display information accessed directly from the kiosk's hard drive. See the benefits

For Internet kiosks, ie. those with keyboards and often, high speed internet access, the hybrid features provide unlimited display information stored on the hard-drive and thus available for instantaneous display.

LocalNet runs on a Windows 98 platform, using the Internet Explorer browser. Features include:
Full screen displays with button links to other pages or to the internet.
Animation, including rotating pictures and graphics.
Full screen Video, or video within a window, and sound.
Questionnaire which allows the kiosk provider to capture demographic or other information from the user.
Internet and email access. Learn more.

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